Dody and Jim Brigadier

Dear Team Baglietto,

I wanted to take a moment during the holiday season and reflect on all the things that I have been blessed with over the year. I wanted to let you all know that you are on my gratitude list.

Buying a home can be extremely stressful, but the constant attention to detail that you all take with all your clients really makes you feel so comfortable! There is nothing that is left “undone” when you all are in picture. If I ever had a question or concern that I would call about, you all had an answer for me in such a timely manner that I never worried. I cannot begin to tell you how reassuring that is!

We were living in North Carolina when we bought our home here in Texas and being that we were building long distance there were lots of phone calls and digital pictures that made us feel that we were a part of the process. That really took someone going the extra mile — Team Baglietto did that for us! We have since bought several investment properties and referred both friends and family to work with Team Baglietto! No matter what the price point of the home was you all were always there, every step of the way. It is so reassuring to have an entire team working with you in the real estate industry when there are so many moving parts!

You are a pleasure to refer to our friends and family! They have all been so excited that they chose to work with such a professional group and I always got “thanked” by my friends and family for such a great reference!

Keep up the great work and thank you for making what could have been a very stressful experiences into something really WONDERFUL each and every time!

— Dody and Jim Brigadier