John and Julie Petty

Dear Team Baglietto,

We were living in a home that we loved, but our problem was that it was one bedroom too small as we had our third child on the way. Frankly, we were dreading the entire process of a residential move – the home repairs getting ready to sell, the showings with two small children in the house, the offer/counter-offer process, the weekends spent in the car looking for a new home, and then there was the move itself.

We made the decision to utilize Team Baglietto on both the Sell and Buy side of our transaction. It was definitely the BEST decision!

We lived in the first home that we bought ten years ago and had not been through the real estate transaction process since that time so we were definitely not seasoned professionals at the process.

DeAnna was incredibly helpful and patient with us as I asked my thousand questions and routinely would call her to ask more. She is very organized and is great about preparing us for each next step in the process so that there were no surprises. There were none!

Mark was extremely helpful in the selling process and making recommendations on what we should do to the house to get it ready for sale as well as setting a listing price, marketing the property, and keeping us informed throughout the process. Our house sold in about two weeks in what most would call a down market. That was impressive!

Cindy was amazing helping us find a new home into which to move. We knew that we preferred a new home and her knowledge of the area, the differences in each of the builders, and her willingness to go to any length to ensure that we got into a home that was right for us was unmatched! Watching her in action was truly amazing and it took all of the burden off of us (and she got us a smokin’ deal that we would not have otherwise been able to get). I know this because my wife and I had previously gone into the model homes and spoke with the salesperson only to be told that he didn’t have anything that he could offer in our price range. She negotiated a deal that got us into the house we wanted. In our eyes – she’s a Rock Star!

I would highly recommend the use of Team Baglietto to anyone entering into a real estate transaction. It was the best decision that we made throughout the process.

Thanks again

— John and Julie Petty